I have been a happy patient of Dr. Sadeghi’s since 2008. At the time, I hadn’t been to a doctor in 9 years as I was looking for a doctor who was knowledgeable in Homeopathic and/or Eastern medicine as well as Western medicine, in addition to finding someone who really cares about your well being.

I was thrilled when my friend introduced Dr. Sadeghi to me, as his medicinal background and practice was exactly what I was looking for. Dr. Sadeghi is a very caring and nurturing doctor who really listens to his patients and their needs. I have been with Dr. Sadeghi since the beginning of his practice and have had the honor to see his vision come true with his healing center for Be Hive of Healing.

He has always been very conscious of his decisions in his practice and the creation of his healing center. To see his vision for this come true in such a short amount of time shows his dedication to his practice and being a positive influence in the community. Every decision made from the land being on a birthing center for the women of the Chumash Indians, to the affirmations marked in his parking lot spots, to the serene surroundings and meditation section outside his building, demonstrates his attention to detail and being a beneficial presence on this planet. Dr. Sadeghi and his staff make a not so comfortable situation like getting blood drawn or Iv’s, so easy and comfortable for people like me, who generally have a very hard time with standard medical procedures like that. Even the band they use for wrapping about your arm for blood drawn is soft and comfortable on the skin. Most of his nurses and staff have been with him since the beginning of his practice which shows their dedication to him as well. They are all so sweet and very gentle natured just like Dr. Sadeghi which makes for a pleasant visit to the doctor. For the first time in my life, I look forward to going to see my doctor and visiting his healing center, it seems like an adventure and I always leave there feeling renewed and at peace.