My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Sadeghi since 2012. Since the first time I walked in the door of Behive of Healing, I have felt that it was a loving and safe environment. I went to Dr. S for a specific condition for which I spent years being poked and prodded by traditional western medicine without ever receiving an explanation of the whys and hows. At the very first moment I sat down with Dr. S, it suddenly dawned on me that healing is an integration process between mind and body.

Dr. Sadeghi was, and is still, able to provide me with a safe and healing space created from listening, thinking outside the conventional box, and love. His innovative guidance is second to none having the full understanding that we are all experiencing our own journey at our own pace yet profoundly connected. I can’t help to think that each time we connect, he is also extremely grateful to be experiencing the journey to healing with me. Then when we meet in person, his appreciation for that moment and his humble ability to provide service to me while still learning and walking his own journey is something that I have learned to love about being in his presence and, in some respect, being of service to him.