Dear Dr S, I hardly know how to begin to thank you for your help. It is so hard when something is wrong with you physically but you can’t seem to really get a handle on it and what you do try does not help much or makes it worse. That was the story for me. I felt so weak and discouraged! When you explained the 10-day detox program and assured me that I would greatly benefit from it, I must say I was on the desperate side and a bit skeptical. But I did not want to go on feeling so miserable so I rearranged everything and hopped on a plane. I decided to do it 100% or not at all. I was spiritually ready to be well physically. The first day gave me hope. I had the IV and went through the Healing University Curriculum, which gave me food for thought as the IV nourished me on the inside. I was not keen on the IV treatment but your team is such an expert and so gracious that I was constantly reassured by their presence. The LRT-2 was so completely different from anything I have ever experienced. Those gentle fingers and that smooth oil stimulated, softened and encouraged my body to give up the toxins that had poisoned it. The grace and care that I felt made me weep with the relief one experiences when a longing is realized. I felt the Love that surrounds us and knew I had come to the right place. Each day I gained knowledge, strength and deepened my understanding of the process. I discovered for myself how the body is healed. Like you said in one of your excellent newsletters — it is more than taking supplements and following a protocol. For me, it was an adjustment of how I view and care for the body—this vehicle of the spirit that serves me so faithfully. It is no longer a plow horse that I whip through the plodding day. It is a race horse that I nourish and love and treat with respect and friendliness, a beloved pet, and it joyfully carries me to the finish line. I have a profoundly nourishing spiritual practice but was missing some pieces of the puzzle that is the link between the spirit and the body. The combination of learning from Be Hive of Healing, and the loving space your Team created for me during my treatments were unbelievably powerful, enabling me to share thoughts and ideas which then morphed into something entirely wonderful. The answers I discovered were mind-boggling and earth shattering and I am fundamentally different because of them. You created this! Your words, your care, your attitude and your integrity shine as an excellent example of medicine as it should be. Medicine that truly heals. This morning I returned to my yoga class that I had not been able to do for the past 10 months. And I did every pose and felt energized all day. Vigor and enthusiasm have returned to my life. Thank you for this gift.