I was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Breast Cancer 2 years ago. After all my treatments, I was pretty much skeptical about everything, every doctor and even my prognosis. Prior to seeing Dr. Sadeghi, I had a bi lateral mastecomy with 19 cancerous lymph nodes removed and had multiple complications with the healing. I was even readmitted to the hospital with incisions breaking open. 6 months later, I went to see Dr. Sadeghi. He put me on a strict supplement and IV program. I recently had to get reconstruction which is 2 years after my diagonsis. This is a latissimus dorsi procedure where they cut this entire muscle from your back with a 1 foot incision and transfer it to the chest wall. With the recovery, I was taking Dr. Sadeghi’s supplements and within 2 months, you can hardly see the scars! It is a miracle. My plastic surgeon could not even believe how quickly I healed. I can even swim butterfly in the pool just like I use to prior to the surgery without a latissums dorsi. Isn’t this unbelievable? Thank you Dr. Sadeghi. You rock! This is beyond amazing!