Beloved Dr S! My heart is overflowing with gratitude for my experience working with you. It was the most profound and valuable gift I have ever given myself. The safety that I felt to open, unfurl, release and let go has forever uplifted and expanded me as a woman. I felt completely safe to share the depths of my shadow and most vulnerable experiences. The loving, compassionate, supportive space you held for me honored and validated me on every level of my being. I feel transformed, confident, empowered and limitless. The vastness I feel inside me now is an awakened power I only dreamed of before our work together. I am deeply honored by your support and faith in me and know that I can accomplish anything. I will create an amazing body of work through my offerings in the Energetics and esoterics of fertility, and am honored to have you as my guide and teacher. Thank you for believing in me and holding me in your sacred inner web. I love you with all my heart and soul! The best of my life is here and I am living it wholly and completely. Thank you thank you thank you bless you ✨