I was referred to Dr. Sadeghi from my dentist, who after hearing about my health concerns, said Dr. Sadeghi could help me. For the past 8 years I had been to many doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists and had tests and treatments of all kinds done. These treatments often times failed me, and the doctors did not know what to do for me when I did not respond positively to their treatments. Dr. Sadeghi called me as soon as he received my blood work, and I was struck by his kind, empathetic words and his confidence that he could aid me in my healing journey.

No other doctor had shown such a warm personal interest. I was not just another patient, but an individual with specific needs and an individualized treatment plan. I felt immediate relief and knew my search for the right doctor had finally come to an end.

I have very much enjoyed working with Dr. Sadeghi. I have seen steady improvements in my overall health, mental clarity and stamina. He takes the time to really listen and then he educates you so that you can understand what is going on with your body, and how you can contribute to your healing. He is a gifted doctor and has vast knowledge of the human body as a whole. He is always ready and happy to help, and it is obvious that he truly cares about people and really loves what he does, helping people heal in all aspects of their lives.