For 5 years a patient at the Behive of Healing in Santa Monica, I close my eyes as I reflect on Dr. Habib Sadeghi, founder of this incredible place of healing and medicine, in order to write a testimony worthy of his importance in the world of medicine.

Every time I enter the Behive of Healing, I am instantly transported into a different world. One of Zen, loving energy, invigorating color schemes, healing messages placed tastefully everywhere, fountains creating soothing sounds and a staff ready to hug, listen, help, facilitate and support Dr. Sadeghi in his journey of healing the world one patient at a time.

This is not a cliche. The Behive of Healing is unlike any other doctor’s office I have ever gone to. It is much more than a clinic where a doctor sees his patients. It is a space where time stands still so the patient can be heard and understood, which is the basis for a correct diagnosis and its appropriate treatment plan.

I go to see Dr. Sadeghi about three times a year for my blood work, followed by a consultation with him. Each visit, I wish I had more time with him, or could see him more often. Every time I have seen him, I have felt better, taller, inspired and energized upon leaving. Dr. Sadeghi has that way with people. He is a deep listener, a gifted healer, a brilliant medical doctor, a very competent specialist of many of the eastern and holistic healing methods and an impressive human being. Charismatic, wise, loving, honest, open minded and non judgmental, a visit with him is more like a social visit, or like a relaxed encounter with the Dalai Lama. To me, he has that power, that radiance and the results are shown in the health I have gained. At 53, having seen Dr. Sadeghi for 5 years with regularity, I am healthier than I have ever been. My mind and body balance is awesome, I have gained a powerful understanding of my health, my body functions, the power of my mind over my body and I have learned many valuable things of life. Dr. Sadeghi is a healer but also a wonderful teacher. He has not only transformed my health, but softly guided me to better understand myself, the world around me, to love myself more, and judge less. As a result, my relationships with my two sons (22 and 19) are healthy and honest and very loving. As a direct result of his teachings and gentle suggestions, I have been able to work through the unexpected, and very painful, breakup of my marriage with patience and compassion and a loving attitude toward myself as well as toward my now former husband.

There is only one Dr. Sadeghi and so many who need a doctor and friend like him. We cannot clone him, but each of us, each of his patients, can practice the loving attitude he teaches us, as we leave the Behive of Healing and go out into the world. That way we too can change the world a little, one human being we come in touch with at a time.

I am deeply grateful a friend 5 years ago suggested I go to see Dr. Sadgehi. It has changed my life in many ways, and my gratitude to him for all he has done for my family and myself, is eternal and sincere.