I am beyond impressed with Dr. Habib Sadeghi. My first contact with Dr. Sadeghi was back in 2009 and I was completely blown away by how kind, empathic and patient he was with me upon our first meeting. He was incredibly intuitive in his assessment of me and it felt like he could see right though me, sharing his insights about the things that were ailing me, yet I never told him specifically or blatantly about my ailments.

Dr. Sadeghi is clearly tapped into his “sixth sense” and knows exactly how to help patients heal and get better. Needless to say (but I will say it anyhow), this man is the real deal, is highly intelligent, and has a well-rounded medical background that includes both western and eastern perspectives, giving his patients the best of both worlds. His approach is wonderful because he treats the “whole person” rather than only treating the ailment. Dr. Sadeghi looks beyond the surface ailment or condition to find the root cause of disease, thus giving patients an opportunity to permanently heal a medical issue and improve their life for good. This is what he has done for me. A lot of doctors don’t realize how important it is to have an approach that goes beyond the traditional western medicine philosophy of “turn-em and burn-em” or “here’s some medication now leave my office within 5 minutes approach.”

Dr. Sadeghi has also helped me become more aware of myself and my body. He has taught me how to look within, and how to spot changes happening on a more cellular level. He has guided me to become more aware of how my thoughts and attitudes influence and effect my health. For example, he helped me let go of a misunderstanding that men will hurt me and I need to fear them. I’ve been doing internal work with these surfacing messages and continue to find that my emotions directly influence my health and whether or not I am feel well. Body. Mind. Soul. It’s all connected and if this is important to you – Behive of Healing is somewhere you should consider visiting. His staff rocks! From entering his office and being helped by his kind assistant Jennifer (who made me feel very at ease), to the cleanliness of his treatment room, and all throughout the check out process – his office staff and their professionalism was second to none. They welcomed me and answered all of my questions and were quick to respond to my needs. I would highly recommend Behive of Healing. Dr. Sadeghi provides the absolute best care, and his staff are all that anyone could hope for in a medical practice.