Vivian L.

After many years of randomly getting this horrible, constant vomit-inducing stomach issue that left my friend completely assed out and in pain for a couple weeks at a time, we found ourselves one weekend at Dr. Sadeghi’s clinic to get some help. He was a lifesaver. My friend had already been sick for over a week, didn’t want to go to a hospital, and couldn’t keep any liquid or solid down. Dr. Sadeghi checked him out, told us to stop trying to force feed him citrus juice and sports drinks, and gave him some life-saving, vitamin and nutrient-rich cocktail in IV drip form which helped bring my friend back to more of a normal state. After getting another one of these IV packs the next day, my friend started to feel much better.

I have also sought treatment from Dr. Sadeghi for a nagging foot pain I had as well as overall health tune-ups on occasion. Dr. Sadeghi looked over my blood work and helped convince me that we could beat this pain without having to go under the knife. Throughout my years of tune-ups, they have included his opinion on certain health remedies I had read about and wanted to try, a common cold, some exercise-related back pain, and some vitamins. I had lasik done about 10 years ago but from working on the computer and reading a lot, I now need reading glasses and felt my eyes were getting weak. Dr. Sadeghi suggested I try “Healing Eyes” to help strengthen my eye health and I have incorporated them into my daily regimen now. My elderly parents were having more serious eye conditions like age related macular degeneration have also found some relief taking “Healing Eyes” daily, too.

Lastly, about a year ago, Dr. Sadeghi started sending out e-newsletters to his patients. These monthly newsletters are like a breathe of fresh air to me because they always include very insightful topics which remind me what’s REALLY important in life – health, serenity, not sweating the small stuff, nature’s cycle of life through the 4 seasons, etc.

I think Dr. Sadeghi and his staff are all very professional, warm, and understanding to each of their patient’s needs. Go and see him for yourself.