Feeling beyond grateful for one of the best homeopath doctors who has been taking care of me through the thick and the thin of all stages of the illness I’ve almost conquered. He believes in the mind body spirit connection, not just fixing an aspect of the body without taking into account what created the illness which many times is rooted in emotional or traumatic causes.

Grateful to him and my team of three other wonderful homeopaths around the country which have been taking care of me while I’m also in South America at the healing center completing the last mile of this marathon.

If only all the healing centers would be like this. It looks (and smells) like a spa, welcomes you with organic teas, offers you massages while you receive amazing IVS, they offer accupuncture, nutrition and many alternative therapies along with wonderful western treatments.

They truly have been incredible. So so grateful I didn’t take that first opinion that was a pretty barbaric surgery which many with this illness have reoccurring, why — because the root cause of the illness was never treated or faced or dealt with.

If you are ever in LA, come visit the Behive of Healing. Next door, Dr Sadeghi’s wife also runs a children’s holistic dental clinic. It’s incredible, come see it. ❤️

Dr Shahrzad Sami and Dr Sadeghi thank you for the wonderful care you give your patients and the amazing Love Button community ????