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Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.


Nicole S.
Nicole S.

I came to Dr Sadeghi at the end of my rope. For four years I had been dealing with extreme fatigue, loss of appetite coupled with weight gain and just overall malaise. I was pretty confident my adrenal glands were underperforming but the herbalists, homeopaths and Western doctors I had been going to were either completely ineffectual or suggesting methods I did not want to follow. Dr. Sadeghi was the first person who listened to me and did(...)

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Jennifer D.

From the moment I walk into the Be Hive of Healing facility I knew this was the place for me. Back in May I was feeling tired, run down, depressed, gaining weight, and overall unwell. A friend of mine insisted Dr. Sadeghi would figure out what was wrong. He came up with a plan to fix me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Almost a year later and I am feeling 100%. I now see how all three aspects effect each other.

I never thought that(...)

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Happy 2012! I’ve been meaning to congratulate you on your upcoming book. I am so excited for you! And for all the readers!

Also, thank you so much for your profound heart felt words. Please know that they are not lost of deaf ears. It may take me a while to really get and understand them, but eventually they resonate and reveal there profundity. Even the news letters feel like you are speaking directly to the soul…truth.

You are a(...)

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Sara L.

I started seeing Dr Sadeghi in 2006 with a myriad of issues that had plagued me my entire life. With his genius I now live a completely full life and never felt better.

This would never have been possible without him. I have benefited greatly from his extensive knowledge of cutting edge testing and his determination in finding results. Dr Sadeghi explains what each and every test results means thus teaching me to take a proactive role in(...)

Pamela B.
Pamela B.

Dr. Sadeghi,

I want you to know how grateful I am to you from the bottom of my heart for fitting me into your busy schedule. The kindness that you showed me regarding my appointment and the hair analysis brings tears to my eyes. I can’t thank you enough for your loving care. I have such high regard for your intuitive and healing gifts as a masterful physician that I am confident that under your care I will finally discover what has been(...)

Leslie G.
Leslie G.
Malibu, CA

I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Dr. Sadeghi at Behive of Healing about 3 years ago. I was recovering from breast cancer and had also been diagnosed with Lyme disease.
I had chosen to take the holistic road to healing but I needed more support.

The first time I walked into his office was the most life changing event I have ever experienced. Not only did Dr Sadeghi and his amazing staff support me physically but also(...)

Nicole F.
Nicole F.
Los Angeles, California
Strength & Empowerment

I have been a patient at BeHive of Healing for about three and a half years now during which my life has changed and opened up in so many wonderful ways, for which I'm enormously grateful to Dr. Sadeghi and his fantastic staff. I first came to see Dr. Sadeghi upon referral by a friend because of some equilibrium issues I had been suffering from for about 7 years before that point. I had already pretty much turned away from Western medicine(...)

Be Hive of Healing Yvette U. Testimonial
Yvette U.

Feeling beyond grateful for one of the best homeopath doctors who has been taking care of me through the thick and the thin of all stages of the illness I’ve almost conquered. He believes in the mind body spirit connection, not just fixing an aspect of the body without taking into account what created the illness which many times is rooted in emotional or traumatic causes.

Pamela C. Patient Testimonial
Pamela C.

It is difficult to know where to begin to express my immense gratitude to Dr. Habib Sadeghi. I guess at the beginning of my first meeting with Dr. Sadeghi is the best place to start.

When I came to the beautiful office of Dr. Sadeghi in Agoura Hills, I was immediately soothed by the tranquility and love that radiated all around me.

Vanessa S. Testimonial
Vanessa S.

I am beyond impressed with Dr. Habib Sadeghi. My first contact with Dr. Sadeghi was back in 2009 and I was completely blown away by how kind, empathic and patient he was with me upon our first meeting. He was incredibly intuitive in his assessment of me and it felt like he could see right though me, sharing his insights about the things that were ailing me, yet I never told him specifically or blatantly about my ailments.

Brenda B.
Brenda B.

I initially became acquainted with BeHive when I brought my kids to Happy Kids Dental Planet, which is the Dental Center. During an appointment with my kids I was visibly very ill as I had been dealing w chronic illness and had been taken next door to BeHive for a vitamin infusion IV while my husband stayed with the kids.

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Jack L.

For the first time I feel like I have a real partner in my health in Dr. Sadeghi. For years I’d been hearing from doctors and specialists that I had to live with my migraines, take medications and just deal with it. I’m so glad I didn’t take no for an answer! When I came to Dr. Sadeghi I said that I wanted to be free of migraines, off medications and have energy and vitality. In less than a year, he has delivered exactly that. I can’t tell(...)

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Taylor P.
Seattle, WA

When I first walked in the door of Be Hive of Healing I knew I was entering a healing sanctuary- safe, peaceful, restful and rejuvenating. Everyone there is wonderful, the nurses have the lightest touch, I have never felt more comfortable getting blood work in my life!

Dr Sadeghi is hands down the most amazing doctor I have ever met. He is a true healer in every sense. He sees his patients in their wholeness, addressing more than just(...)

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Louisa W.

First I’d like to thank you for being such a great doctor! You are an amazing knowledgeable doctor with a big heart! I’m grateful to have found you. I feel it’s finally coming together after years at lost. What a rare gem to find someone who combines western with other healing techniques! I think I’m your walking billboard.

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Ana P.

Dr. S., You are a magician. Thank you for the session today, my soul needed it. All my love.

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Lisa G.

Hello Dr. S

Good Morning!!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I have some GREAT new for you…… I took two pregnancy test today and they are both positive ( i’m freaking out a little) you are the first person that knows, I’m trying to get an appointment with my GYN to confirm. I’m going to tell my husband when he comes home from work. I took the day off today 🙂

I want to say that you are a wonderful doctor and(...)

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Natalie S.
Hollywood, CA

I have had the fortune of being under Dr Sadeghi’s care since June 2013. It was a life changing moment for me walking through the door into the Be Hive Of Healing. In just 3 short months Dr S’s treatment plan has already improved my life and health considerably. Dr S’s approach is like no other. The way he looks at your whole health /life situation is like no other doctor i have seen. The way he combines treatments; physically, mentally &(...)

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Los Angeles, California

I am minutes or a few days away from giving birth to my first daughter. Very frequently, I think of my dear Dr. Habib Sadeghi feeling deep gratitude and luck for being his patient and part of his Behive family. I think of him as a rainforest. I think he gives such a needed great balance to the world in such a positive loving way. The reason why I’ve been thinking about him so much is because I am sure that he has helped me gain my life(...)

Beatrice G Patient Testimonial
Beatrice G.

More than a decade ago I was referred to Dr. Sadeghi by a friend that knew my sentiment (or resentment, I should say!) towards the quality of health care in the US. Dr. Sadeghi’s office at the time was on Venice Blvd, blocks away from my studio; it was an easy choice to decide to go see him even if I did not have any specific ailment or need for medical care related to a particular issue.

Jenni K. Patient Testimonial
Jenni K.

I will start the way I always do: simply, you saved my life. 5 years ago I had hit a deep bottom. After searching and meeting with all manner of medical professionals in search of help with my deep fatigue, brain fog depression and general malaise, I found no answers.

Tanya S. Testimonial
Tanya S.

7 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer. It was an extremely aggressive form of cancer as I was diagnosed fairly young at age 40, and it had spread to 19 lymph nodes and my skin. My oncologist gave me an extremely poor prognosis with a 10% chance of living 5 years. When I was diagnosed, I was in disbelief and didn’t know what to do. I will never forget the day that I bumped into a friend and neighbor who heard about my(...)

Barbara L.
Barbara L.

I had problems with my neck. I do have a long neck and it was very stiff, couldn’t hardly move and a lot of pain. A dear friend recommended to see Dr. Sadeghi and I gave it s shot to see him.

Tree of Life
Grant A.

Unlike most doctor’s, Dr. Sadeghi thinks ‘outside the box’. No one else offered me any hope. He offered me real results. He’s a brilliant diagnostician, and a physician who who genuinely cares.

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Josie S.

After two years of feeling terrible, spending countless dollars and hours on doctors who merely rushed me through a cold and heartless process only to tell me I was “just depressed,” I decided to find a health center that treated the whole human being. When I called the office where Dr Sadeghi worked, the woman who answered the phone said: “Dr. Sadeghi is a true healer. He is my doctor.” This impressed me enough to make the first(...)

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Angela P.
Pacific Palisades, CA

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you during our very busy day. I went to my eye doctor yesterday and my pressures were a point lower in both eyes. I do not have to have surgery just as you told me. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support. Love and light always.

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