Testimonials from our dearest patients

Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.


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Alexandra & Dan
Redding, CA

Dr. Sadeghi,
Thank you again for coming on the show.

Also just wanted to let you know that as you spoke on air yesterday, our producer who is very overweight and struggling with different health issues was sitting there taking notes! He wrote your website down several times.

That was the first time I have ever seen him even awake during our show. He usually dozes off because of all these medications he’s taking…but yesterday it was(...)

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Darlene M.
Clarksville, MD

I live on the East Coast & do have a Primary Care Internist in my town; however, I use Dr. S at Behive of Healing as my 1st choice doctor. He mixes Western & Eastern medicine philosophies & the result for me has been extraordinary.

His supplements & herbal remedies are super too! A perfect example is his scar cream. A friend of mine had MOHS surgery on her chest in Dec 2012. I had the same surgery in the exact same location on my chest 2(...)

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Karen A.
Los Angeles, California

Hi Dr. Sadeghi, Here is my followup to the INT procedure last week. I had significant improvement in contrast and clarity in my vision the very next day. Colors were much brighter and there was an appearance of sharper detail. My eyes were also much more moist...I didn't notice a return of dryness from using the computer until later in the week. Even then, my eyes are still much less dry and sticky. By the third day, I had nausea which(...)

Star C Patient Testimonial
Star C.

I have been a happy patient of Dr. Sadeghi’s since 2008. At the time, I hadn’t been to a doctor in 9 years as I was looking for a doctor who was knowledgeable in Homeopathic and/or Eastern medicine as well as Western medicine, in addition to finding someone who really cares about your well being.

Michelle B. Patient Testimonial
Michelle B.

Recently, I saw Dr. S (my fond nickname for my mentor) at the end of a long day at the grocery store the other night and he gave me so much more than a warm hello.

A few years ago, I read articles that Dr. HabibSadeghi had written about women's health and how they are like a dry lakebed, as described in the John Steinbeck novel Grapes of Wrath.

Cameron B Testimonial
Cameron B.

The first time I met Dr. Sadeghi, I wept. I had bounced around from one unilluminating medical experience to another for three years during the course of a severe and progressively worsening chronic illness, and showed up to his office having more or less seen it all; yet something about his healing presence and attention felt so loving and grounding that something deep in my nervous system felt able to soften and relax for the first time,(...)

Yoga Testimonial
Kim K.

I felt a desire to send you a note of gratitude this morning. Not often enough do we tell others they make a difference in our lives. Thank you for your words of wisdom, support, well-being and most of all the incredible love and kindness in your heart. All of it is making a difference in my life. Have a beautiful day!

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Washington DC

You have saved and changed my life and I am forever grateful and thank God for you.

Kristine S.
Kristine S.

Dear Dr. Sadeghi,

As I approach my second trimester of pregnancy, I needed to take a few moments to write to you the endless gratitude I have for you, Sri Madhuji and your incredibly loving and caring team at Be Hive of Healing.

When I first came to you, I had exhausted all journeys to recovery from Western medicine, Eastern modalities, Yogic educations and spiritual searches. I was lost, scared and depleted.
I remember sitting with(...)

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Karen S.

My twelve years in Los Angeles have put me in contact with many wellness practitioners and in many hands. Entrusting one’s health to another is not a trivial proposition but one we all too often take lightly given the dearth of truly talented human beings in the field. Ideally, one hopes to be met not only at the concrete level of symptoms and physical manifestation, but also on the subtle level wherein emotions and energy systems play a(...)

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n July of 2013 when my 11 year old son was diagnosed with stage 4 Hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) I received a lot of nice cards, emails and texts. Many of them stated the same three words: Believe in Miracles!

I didn’t want to believe in miracles! I wanted to believe the doctors and the medicines would cure my son. I didn’t need a miracle! Miracles were for people who were hopeless and desperate. I didn’t want to believe my baby was sick(...)

Coco F.
Coco F.

Aloha lovely Dr Sadeghi,

I want to thank you both so much for all you have done for me!

I am forever grateful to the entire Behive team but most especially to you. I never stop missing the care and community I received at your clinic, and the next time I’m in LA I will come in for my third IV treatment so I can reconnect to you in person.

Thank you for your kindness, and if there is anything, big or small that I can do for you(...)

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Tanya S
Los Angeles, CA

I was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Breast Cancer 2 years ago. After all my treatments, I was pretty much skeptical about everything, every doctor and even my prognosis. Prior to seeing Dr. Sadeghi, I had a bi lateral mastecomy with 19 cancerous lymph nodes removed and had multiple complications with the healing. I was even readmitted to the hospital with incisions breaking open. 6 months later, I went to see Dr. Sadeghi. He put me on a strict(...)

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Los Angeles, California

Dr Sadeghi,

Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

How is it that you always amaze me again and again???

As you know we went camping with Wildwoods 5th grade class this weekend. While chatting with some of my friends I overheard this mom, whose kids just started at Wildwood, saying: "My new doctor told me that I have to work on myself." The enthusiasm in her voice, the sparkling light in her eyes, and the love with which she said it made me(...)

Linda R Patient Testimonial
Linda R.

We began working with Dr. Sadeghi as a homeopathic physician many years ago when Linda was dealing with some unexplainable medical issues. What began as an alternative search for healing has literally become a most valued member of our family.

Erwin I. Patient Testimonial
Erin I.

To put it quite simply, I would not have my baby girl if it wasn't for Dr. Sadeghi. After four miscarriages and two failed IVF attempts, I went to Dr. Sadeghi as sort of a last ditch effort. I could not handle any more shots, tests, hormones or surgeries. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and needed a break.

Cynthia D. Testimonial
Cynthia D.

I walked into Habib Sadeghi’s small Venice, California office 9 years ago, broken and unhealthy. I explained to him "I was the fattest fit person I know." He looked at me, felt my throat chakra and simply said "you have a thyroid problem."

heal mild dysplasia
Penelope A.

I wanted to share with you the good news I got today. My recent pap smear (last week) just came back with NO more HPV! And, the mild dysplasia that showed up last time is 100% gone. I am SO happy. I know it’s because of my protocol you've put me on. Thank you so much for supporting me through this and helping me get to this healthy state. Can’t thank you enough. Thank you thank you! I Am very grateful.

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Jazzy S.
Los Angeles, CA

I was a patient of Dr Sadeghi about 3 years ago now. I just realized that I needed to right a review. Especially since I trust most of my fellow yelper ratings before giving my hard earned money to any business.

I visited Dr. Sadeghi for weight control, health and to increase my immunity.
Both myself and Dr Sadeghi decided the healthiest choice for me was HCG weight loss supplement. Before starting any plan, Dr Sadeghi requested that I(...)

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Priscilla C.
Burbank, CA

Good Morning,

I had my attention on you for most of this morning and I wanted to communicate some of my thoughts.
I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have you as my doctor and good friend. I shared my test results with my family, and all are very happy for me. You have no idea what this truly means to me.

This week will be Valentines Day and I just wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day and to let you know that you are(...)

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Scott S.

Prolotherapy…what can I say? After two and a half years of rest and therapy on my left wrist, along with several cortisone injections, the pain was still there on a daily basis. Feeling like I’ve exhausted all my options and beginning to accept chronic pain in my wrist, a friend told me about Prolotherapy and Dr. Sadeghi.

Naturally, I had never heard of this form of treatment, but felt it was worth a shot to try something new. After only(...)

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Kaycee F.

I cannot express enough to you how grateful I am for finding you. I have tears just pouring from my eyes right now sitting in this chair at your Los Angeles location. I feel like such a different person from the person I was the day I walked into your office only 6 weeks ago. Not only do I feel better physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My consciousness has up leveled tremendously into more love, compassion, peace,(...)

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Tammi L.

Hello Dr. Sadeghi,

Just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holidays!!
I think of you often and will be forever thankful for the love and support you gave my dad thru his sickness!!!
You are an amazing man.

I hope to come and visit you in sunny California very soon:) And have my son and daughter meet you:)


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Mark F.
Santa Clarita, CA

I first started seeing Dr Sadeghi about 4 years ago. I was having very very odd stomach problems. I went to all kinds of doctors and had every possible test you can think of – everything came back totally fine. Yet I was in awful pain and thought for sure that I was going to die. A friend told me that you have to go see Dr Sadeghi – he works miracles. I made an appointment and went in. I took in all my test results that I had done and he(...)

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Dearest Dr. Sadeghi, Hope this finds you well. I had an appointment yesterday with my oncologist who asked me where I found energy and radiance from.. 100% from my Californian miracle stay at Be Hive!He was convinced that he didn't try to introduce again Tamoxifen treatment, you can't imagine what it mean to me!! So besides some family stress (my father has been at the hospital for the last 3 weeks) and some digestive issues, I am doing(...)