Testimonials from our dearest patients

Be Hive of Healing cares very much about your integrative and holistic health care experience. Below are testimonials and letters sent to us over the years. We invite you to share your experience by submitting a personalized review.


Raha L. Patient Testimonial
Raha L.

Working with Dr. Habib Sadeghi is the start of a beautiful journey that leads to finding love and light not only in yourself but in all who cross your path. The beauty of this world often goes unseen because we are all so caught up in the things we don’t have and memories we wish we could forget.

Heathere E.
Heathere E.

I remember the day four years ago when I met Dr. Sadeghi for the first time.

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Julie G.

Dr Sadeghi, I can’t thank you enough. From your magical hands, to your words of inspiration…Every time I walk into your office, I am overcome with a deep feeling of trust and support. Every time I walk out thru your door, I leave feeling better, filled with new knowledge, new insights and new intentions.

I can’t thank you enough for all you have done…all you have given me. I look forward to continuing my life’s journey of health and(...)

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“I LOVE Be Hive of Healing! And I LOVE Dr. Sadeghi! He and his incredibly gifted & loving staff know how to take care of patients! I have experienced this first hand! The minute I walked into his office I was greeted with such warmth! I felt so cared for by Dr. S (and his staff)! I have personally experienced a tremendous amount of healing in my body, mind and soul as a result of being at the Be Hive of Healing. Dr. Sadeghi is a gifted(...)

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Sue A.

Dear Dr S,

I hardly know how to begin to thank you for your help.

It is so hard when something is wrong with you physically but you can’t seem to really get a handle on it and what you do try does not help much or makes it worse. That was the story for me. I felt so weak and discouraged! When you explained the 10-day detox program and assured me that I would greatly benefit from it, I must say I was on the desperate side and a bit(...)

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Hi Dr. Sami and Dr. S., I have been meaning to write you both since we have been back in CT. Kelly has gained about 12 pounds and just recently got her period again, it’s been almost 3 years … Kelly will write you both when she can gets through this crazy time with pending College apps and tons of homework. As her Mom, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you two were part of her life..it didn’t seem at the time like we were ever going(...)

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I am overjoyed and grateful. Grateful beyond words for YOU. For our work together for meeting you for my life altering better than I ever knew it could be And wanted to share, because I get to work with you and your miraculous healing team- my sister and I embraced with tears flowing down my cheeks saying goodbye at the airport. Spent more time the past two days than we have in three years. AND I am overjoyed to share some of the greatest(...)

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Ellen M.
New York City

Thank you Habib.
I am so very touched by your person and your genius and medical ability….
So glad I decided to make that trip from NY some years ago to see you in spite of arguing with everyone that ” If I can’t find a good DR in NYC, things are pretty hopeless.”
And, there are good Dr’s in NYC but none are you.

I feel worlds better than I did three years ago. LOL

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United Arab Emirate

Dear Dr. Sadeghi,
You are on my mind often and I feel too much time has passed where I keep thinking to write you and show gratitude for entering my life when you did.

I tell my story often and impart advice you have given me. I saw something recently about how Nexium is damaging. Reminded me of my journey and how I was lead to you and what a hard time it was for me.

I still hit bumps and bruises in the way of life and healing but(...)

Be Hive of Healing Paul G. Testimonial
Paul G.

It’s with great pleasure and and honor that I can happily share my experience with the Be Hive Of Healing and working with Dr. Habib. It has been one of deep love and gratitude. I have been with Habib for around 12 years, and feel very confident in the continued guidance for myself, friends and my family.

Leslee C. Patient Testimonial
Leslee C.

I have been going to the Behive of Healing for over a year now. This healing center is quite unique and beyond any regular traditional doctor’s office.

J. D. Patient Testimonial
J. D.

I had the honor of meeting Dr. Sadeghi in 2014 due to a medical condition my daughter was dealing with. Little did I know at that time that it would be a life changing experience that would change my families' entire existence.

Dominique A.
Dominique A.

Having Dr. Sadeghi as my healthcare provider has restored my faith in doctors and given me hope for the future of medicine. After years of practically begging for treatment and attention from dozens of different practitioners, I came upon Dr. S — and it's a better medical experience than I could've dreamed of.

Mary A.
Mary A.

Both my husband and I work with Dr. Sadeghi on our healing. I have spent most of my adult life not feeling quite right, but did not know why. I have always seen western doctors that medicate or operate instead of getting to the root of what is going on in my system. After being diagnosed with an illness that was devastating to me, I knew in my heart that there must be something else lying underneath the symptoms. When I came to Dr. Sadeghi,(...)

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Katrina J.

I am so blessed to have discovered Dr. Sadeghi and the Be Hive. What an extraordinary place of healing. A Center of Miracles! In light of supporting other people I am delighted to share my experience at this integrative medical center. My Gbyn informed me I had abnormal cells – HPV that were high risk for cervical cancer and that I needed a colposcopy. Although this is very common in many women I was more sensitive to this finding within me(...)

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Eden O.

I just went for a check up on my knee with the big orthopedic guy in new York and he said that everything looks great! He thinks it’s the physical therapy but I know the bees really healed it. Thank you so much!

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C M.

You have changed my life for the better in a myriad of ways.

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Be Hive Patient, CA

Well you’re a very special healer. Dr. Crooks called and said its a mild abnormality showing like before and she’s going to hold off on the Leep. Thank you Dr. S.

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Sally B.

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Sadeghi’s for over 7 years. He has helped each one of us with our individual health challenges, and worked with us as a family. He practices compassionate medicine, and gives you the tools to help heal yourself- he is very empowering! I cannot count the number of gentle suggestions he has made that have had an enormous impact on our physical and mental health. He and his staff are caring,(...)

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In 2009 I woke up one morning a couple days after a sexual encounter with an unusual rash in my private area and I immediately rushed to see our family’s renowned dermatologist. After a swab test I was diagnosed with herpes. I was a sexually active(usually safe) bachelor and this news was as devastating as anything I could imagine. My whole reality and existence had been rocked. Upon getting the lab results I was frantic and the(...)

Be Hive of Healing Susan M. Testimonial
Susan M.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Sadeghi and his loving soulful approach to healing has taught me to harness my own power to break through limiting beliefs, enabling me to heal. Dr. Sadeghi approaches illness holistically incorporating the body, mind and soul, helping us to see how all of these things are connected and gives us the tools that help remove the barriers that stand in our way to health, happiness, love and(...)

Alexandra F. Patient Testimonial
Alexandra F.

Sometimes in life an obstacle is placed instead of removed. Placed so that you might shift your direction, find clarity from a different aspect, see in a new way or struggle on purpose so that an improved way of being and/or thinking can emerge. This is what working with Dr. Sadeghi is like, it is a gift.

Nicole F. Patient Testimonial
Nicole F.

I have been a patient at BeHive of Healing for about six years now during which my life has changed and opened up in so many wonderful ways, for which I'm enormously grateful to Dr. Sadeghi and his fantastic staff.